Herbs Essential Oils for Genital Herpes Infection

Genital herpes is caused by two types of virus, Herpes simplex type I and Herpes simplex type II.  It is estimated that one in 6 people in the USA between the age of 14 and 49 have genital herpes.

It is normally transmitted through sexual contact.  Because most Herpes carriers do not even know they are infected and can be symptom free, it is easily spread.

Herbs and essential oils can reduce symptoms and discomfort of this viral condition.  With radical commitment to a natural treatment plan, some people have even been known to eliminate all symptoms over a long period of time.
If one is seeking to eliminate this virus from the body, it would be very important to have a blood test to be certain that Herpes is indeed the cause.  After concluding the treatment, when the symptoms have been gone for several months, another blood test would be valuable to see whether or not the virus is still in the body.

Herbs Essential Oils for Genital Herpes Healing Regime

  1. Combine essential oils of ravensare, foraha, and melissa.  Add 1.5 ml (about 30 drops) of each oil into a 5 ml bottle.  Apply a few drops of this powerful anti-viral blend twice daily to to all break-out areas.
  2. Make a couple quarts of lemon balm tea and store it in the fridge.  It makes a great drench for cleansing the break out areas.  Pour it on skin, or dab with a tea soaked cotton pad.  It is mild enough to be soothing, and the anti-viral effects will accelerate what the essential oil blend is doing.   Use these two anti-viral formulas until the outbreak is completely gone.
  3. You will also need to deal with this persistent virus internally as well.  A special diet must be used consistently.  For a time, avoid eating or drinking coffee, soda pop, alcohol, refined carbs such as breads and pastries, and sweetened foods for a few months.  Eat lots of fresh and steamed vegetables, fermented foods like yogurt and cole slaw, and small portions of high quality protein foods like eggs, grass fed beef or lamb, and wild salmon.  This will enable your immune system to focus on eliminating the virus, instead of spending extra energy cleaning up the toxins produced from processing unhealthy foods.  A wonderfully helpful way of eating to support this and other detoxifying programs is available here, at the Ultimate Candida Diet website.
  4. Take Inner Rain (or an anti-viral detoxifying supplement) daily for up to 3 months at a time.  Inner Rain formula will help cleanse and detoxify the body, and support the immune system so that it can do the work to rid the body of the virus.
  5. Find someone who will apply essential oils to your spine once a week while you are using this program.  Even if you have no symptoms or very little break out, the virus can go dormant for years  and is known to hang out around the spine.  The oils can address this and are an important part of the program.  Use a combination of at least three anti-viral oils, including ajowan, spike lavender, melissa, ravensare, foraha, cinnamon bark, and oregano.

I have seen people heal this condition, so I know it is possible!  It does take a lot of focus and a strong commitment to get the desired results.  Sometimes it takes much longer than I have suggested,  even many months, to become free of Herpes viruses.  But in many cases the journey is worth it.  The immune system will be stronger without that virus floating around in the body.

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