White Sage Landing Testimonials

Read some of the comments and emails that we have received from our customers regarding their personal journeys with our organic products for healthy, sustainable, and co-creative living.


My son attended a bonfire a few days ago and someone threw a butane lighter in the fire that still had some fluid left in it.   It exploded and blew up in my sons face.  The hot fluid went up his nose and burned the inside of his nostrils, his upper lip all around his nose, chin and neck.  He is SUPER lucky it didn’t get in his eyes.

Well, he got home and woke me up in severe pain and said “fix me Mom, I’m not going to the emergency room”.

It wasn’t funny at the time but he NOW believes and totally TRUSTS in the essentials oils, that it is second nature for him to ask me for topical solutions to whatever problem he’s having. I had him gently wash off all the burned areas with cool soapy water to get any of the remaining lighter fluid that may have been sticking to his skin and then lavender  (essential oil) was applied.

The initial application did burn a bit, but he knows it works and a small discomfort for healing!!!   Within two days, his lips peeled and the new skin emerged and is beautiful, and he can now open his mouth to eat.  Inside his nostrils are covered with really nice thin scabs and healing very quickly.

We also applied some aloe in-between the lavender applications to keep it moist so the scabs wouldn’t crack and bleed.

Definitely 3rd degree burns on his lips and nose. As always thank you for supporting and being a part of this shift in consciousness as we move more towards a closer relationship with our Mother Earth home.

Patty F. - Lavender Essential Oil

 I have been expelling hundreds, I guess, of nasty parasites in my stool for several days!  In addition to the remedies you prescribed, I have taken intestinal cleansing powder and other things, such as Triphala, Paud’Arco, Cat’s Claw, probiotics, other parasite cleansing formulas, diatomaceous earth, beet root powder and a few other things.
I did have some liver flukes come out a couple of days before after fasting, followed with grapefruit only.  Everything I have seen appears to be dead.  I still have some crawling sensations in my muscles or skin, but the stinging, biting feelings and things coming out of my skin and nose has lessened quite a bit. The parasites are still coming out.
My first thought was one of gratitude–to you, to Mother, to everything and every being that has finally brought some resolution to this thing that had taken over so much of my and my husband’s lives.  Thank you for making me appreciate gratitude!
I just ordered more ParaThunder

Donna A. - Herbal Tonics & Supplements

Thank you for the Heart perfume, it is lovely!

Liz H. -

I am happy with the quality of the blue spruce oil I received, and look forward to making more purchases in the future.

Robert K. -

Oh WOW!  The Attar!  I really like the sample you sent (Khus Masala Attar).

I am just realizing it makes me feel more feminine too.  And I am actually feeling joy again!!!  I felt it through my arms and my whole face is smiling. Oh Wow! I’ve worn this for about 1/2 hour. Thanks!

Jennifer F. - Khus Masala Attar

One of the greatest joys in my fragrance life is when a new ruh or attar arrives.  You provide me with regular access to heavenly fragrant bliss.   I always trust that I will love them when they arrive.
I feel so sad for the followers of synthetic fragrances in the world that wear the same thing every day.  You really provide an incredible service that I am always grateful for.  Danielle T.–Attars & Ruhs


pet testimonial imageI cannot express the level of gratitude that I have for your vibrational remedies. My dog is happier now, and he even wants to play ball again! After we lost his sister, he was so depressed. Thanks to your remedies, I have my buddy back again!

Steve W. - Vibrational Remedies for Pets