Finding Forgiveness

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finding forgivenessFinding Forgiveness

One of the most challenging processes for me in this life has been my dance with forgiveness.

Resentment and blame are two very tricky and sneaky beings, who like to get their foot in the door, sneak in quietly, and take up residence in the shadows of the human energy field.

Sometimes it can be weeks, months, or even years before I discover an old resentment that has been vibrating in my field unnoticed.

When I do find them, it is a cause for celebration–not for shame. For once they are uncovered, their life in my field is almost over.

Resentment, blame, and unforgiveness are degenerative frequencies. They vibrate in the emotional body, and even though they are directed at someone (or something) outside of us, it is we who hold these frequencies in our field, who are adversely affected.

After years of suppressing a feeling of resentment or blame, the vibration will begin to drop downward into the physical body and manifest as disease. Tumors, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and chronic pain are frequent forms that emerge from this long term unforgiveness.

For those on a spiritual path toward enlightenment, unforgiveness vibrating in our energy field will create a ceiling through which we can not rise. It must be addressed one day, and transmuted into forgiveness, for our own inner peace. The transmutation of forgiveness is one of the ancient initiations on the path of ascension.

Sometimes we wonder if we have truly forgiven. It appears and feels like we have, on the surface. But if we are still gritting our teeth when we think of “that person”, or still running across the street to avoid any contact, then it is very likely that we have not. Listen to the stories that come out of our mouths when we talk about that person–they will show where we really are in the forgiveness process.

It is important to understand the difference between unforgiveness and simple discernment. If you were raised by a parent who was abusive and out of control, there will be a lot to forgive.

But forgiving their unacceptable actions toward you does not mean that you throw away the wisdom you have gained about that person. It does not mean that you are saying, “What you did to me was okay”. It was not, and nothing will ever change that.

What you are saying is, “What you did to me was unacceptable, and I will continue to make choices that protect me from experiencing that again. AND I understand why you did it, and love you for who you are–without any expectation that you will change. I no longer choose to carry anger, blame, or resentment toward you.”

The Forgiveness Script

If you believe there may be someone or something that you need to forgive, I am including a link to  the-forgiveness-script-pdf for mirror work, that can help transmute unforgiveness. Speaking directly into our own eyes in the mirror is one way to get past the mind’s layers of filters, and program something deep into our subconscious.

As you do this exercise, it is important to watch your physical body’s reaction as you repeat the words aloud. Any little glitch–eyes diverting, eyebrow raising, muscle twitches, jerks, etc. are all signs that the new programming–forgiveness–has not been accepted into the subconscious.

If that happens as you are doing the exercise, go back, look deeply into your eyes, and do it again. Sometimes it take a bit of repetition to anchor forgiveness for something that was “impossible to forgive”.

But we are worth it! We are radiant beings of light and love. Blame, anger, resentment–they are all distorted shadows that cover our luminous hearts with a veil. We can punch through it. We can forgive anyone, anything. Even God. Even ourselves.

“The only thing we have to learn to forgive in life is the unforgiveable”. ~Alice, a Lakota Sundancer