Vanilla Pudding Dairy Free Gluten Free

Here is an easy to make vanilla pudding recipe that I love!  It is great for times when you need a quick desert, and best of all it is gluten free and dairy free, and free of sugars and artificial sweeteners.  Try it–you might love it too!

Vanilla Pudding Recipe

12 oz. coconut milk (the culinary kind—not the ready to drink kind)

3 T. Chia seed

1/2 t. cinnamon or 1 drop cinnamon CO2 extract

1/2 t. ginger powder or 1 drop ginger CO2 extract

1/4 t. stevia powder

1/2 t. alcohol free vanilla extract

Add all ingredients into blender or Vita-mix.  Process until all ingredients are thoroughly blended.  Pour into desert glasses or a bowl, and let it sit in refrigerator for 2 hours.  Garnish with fresh berries and serve.


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