Essential Oils Dilution Rates Internal use

Below are dilution rates essential oils for internal use.  For external use dilution rates, go here.

Essential Oil Potency

Taking essential oils internally can be a powerful form of herbal therapy.  It is important to remember that essential oils are extremely concentrated in form.  One drop of essential oil can represent the herbal potency  of 50 to 75 cups of herbal tea.  This makes it very important to dilute essential oils properly for internal use!

Essential Oil Quality

Many essential oils available on the market are produced for profit rather than for the good of those who are using them.  They often contain synthetic chemicals, solvents, and other trace adulterants.  Sometimes they are not made from the species that is listed.  And often they are mass produced in a way that compromises quality.  It is highly important to know that you are using the highest quality essential oils if you choose to use them internally.

Please research essential oils thoroughly before taking them internally, or obtain the advise of a Health Care Professional.  It is advisable to become familiar with your source as well.

Dilution Rates for Essential Oils in Capsules

Essential oils can be taken internally for short duration, by capsule.  Use a full capsule of 4% dilution in cold-pressed olive or other vegetable oil.

Alternatively, 1 to 3 drops of pure undiluted essential oil can be placed in a capsule.

Note:  Many oils will dissolve the gelatin capsule quickly!  Some may be stored for 24 hours under refrigeration; others must be taken immediately before they dissolve.

Use this method for short time periods only.  It is best for treatment of severe bacterial, viral, or fungal infections;  immune system boost when exposed to diseases; short intense cleansing programs for detoxification, particularly for cleansing heavy metals and radiation; and indigestion as an occasional treatment.

Dilution Rates for Semi-Homeopathic Remedies

Semi-homeopathic dilutions contain a similar amount of essential oil to herbal tinctures.  They have a stronger physical effect than true homeopathic dilution remedies, and a softer energetic or vibrational effect.

Blend 1 drop essential oil with 1 oz. (or 30 ml) distilled or purified water.

Shake at least 100 times to activate.  Formula must be shaken with every dose, as oil and water will separate.

Dosage is 1 drop up to 1/2 teaspoonful 2-3 times daily.

Note:  Several drops of stevia extract may be added to improve flavor if desired.

Dilution Rates for Homeopathic Remedies

Homepathic remedies contain a trace, or no actual plant material, and are more active on the mental, emotional, and energetic levels of our being.  There are several ways to make them, involving different methods of transferring the energy pattern of an herb or mineral into the base medium, usually water.

Use 1 to 10 drops of  a semi-homeopathic dilution from above, added  to 1 oz. (or 30 ml) of water.  Shake at least 100 times to activate.  To make an even stronger homeopathic remedy, this can be diluted out again, using the remedy you just made and repeating the dilution rate.

Dosage is 10 drops 2-3 times daily.

Note:  At this dilution level, chemical effects of the oils have been eliminated.  Homeopathic dilutions may be used long term without concern of harmful effects.  Even oils that normally should not be used internally can be used at these dilutions.

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