Blue Sage Essential Oil


This hand harvested blue sage essential oil, in my experience, is more active on the etheric and energetic levels than most.  It has a similarity in frequency to vibrational remedies and has  become one of my most endeared oils.

It is made here at White Sage Landing, from the sacred plant to many indigenous peoples of North America.  The oil has a strong spiritual presence that is immediately noticeable when inhaled.

Aromatic Profile

Top note:  Bitter, woody, herby, spicy sage-like

Heart note:  Menthol-like, bitter, woody, herby

Base note: Warm, balsamic undertone

Classification:  Heart  note

Tenacity:  Medium high

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More About Our Blue Sage Essential Oil

Size:  5 ml violet glass bottle

Source:  USA–Arizona

Production method:  Steam distillation

Botanical name:  Artemisia tridentata

Note:  Also known as black sage.   This is one of our HOME HARVEST oils, which are artisan distilled in co-creation at White Sage Landing.

Homeopathic Properties of Blue Sage Essential Oil


Internal*–oral in homeopathic doses, inhalation, suppository

External*–topical application, skin application, spinal and local compress, application to energy centers and meridian points

Observations and Anecdotal Information

We are super jazzed to offer this unique essential oil distilled on the plateau wilderness of northern Arizona.  This oil grows wild, and is sacredly harvested and co-creatively produced every step of the way.

Blue sage is a plant that grows predominantly across much of Utah’s and Arizona’s wild lands.  Because it is distilled at a high elevation, the temperature required to reach the boiling point is lower, resulting in an oil that is less affected by heat exposure.

The resulting oil carries more of the plants true essence in the aroma.  It smells exactly like the heavenly aromatic gift that is released by picking a sagebrush leaf and rubbing it between your fingers.

Local indigenous peoples have used this form of sage for smudging ceremonies.  It facilitates the cleansing of environmental energy and of the human energy field.

A local distiller says about this oil,  “Indigenous cultures have used (blue sage essential oil) for coughs, colds, headaches, stomach aches, fevers, internal bleeding and to relieve pain during child birthing. Poultices of wet leaves applied to bruises reduce swelling.

Navajo weavers boiled the leaves and flowers to create a yellow-gold color, used to dye wool. Ute Indians wove the shredded bark into wicks for candles, and they made sacks of woven bark and lined them with grass”.

This essential oil, in my experience, is more active on the etheric and energetic levels than most.  It has a similarity in frequency to a flower essence, and has already become one of my most endeared oils.


  • Avoid use with children and infants.
  • Avoid use with pregnant and lactating women.
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