Filtered Coconut Oil–Solvent Free


This clear and pure filtered coconut oil is lighter than grapeseed oil, jojoba, and any other vegetable oils. It is so fine that it can be used in a sprayer–I have even experimented with using it as a carrier in diffusion blends.

It can be useful for muting the intensity of diffused essential oils for sensitive people.  If using it in this way, it is best to use no more than 50% coconut oil to 50% essential oil for maintaining the flow of the diffuser.

This is a fixed oil, which will not go rancid, because the triglycerides have been filtered out. It is liquid at room temperature, and does not need refrigeration.  It subsequently has a very long shelf life.

It is a great carrier oil for massage therapy blends, bath and body oils, natural perfumes, and energy blends.  It also blends well with some of the thicker oils like moringa, or foraha, to help thin them down to a finer texture.

For more information on blending and diluting essential oils, see our BLOG post on essential oil dilution.


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Size:  4 oz BPA-free plastic bottle OR  8 oz BPA-free plastic bottle  OR  16 oz BPA-free plastic bottle  OR  32 oz BPA-free plastic bottle

Source: Hawaii, USA

Process:  Cold processed, mechanically separated using only filters; no solvents are used, unlike commercially produced fractionated coconut oil.

Botanical name: Cocos nucifera

About Filtered Coconut Oil

Some of the benefits to using this filtered coconut oil are listed here.

  • It remains liquid at low temperatures.
  • It contains no double bonds so there are no sites for oxidation, therefore it has an exceptional shelf life.
  • It consists completely of saturated fatty acid side chains, so it is more like animal fat and absorbs readily into the skin.  This makes it ideal as a carrier oil for therapeutic purposes. For massage therapy, it provides lubrication, then disappears quickly into the skin, taking the essential oil phyto-nutrients with it.
  • It washes out of massage sheets and blankets easily, with no staining.
  • It is so light that it will pass through a pump sprayer.  This makes it an ideal product for natural perfumers who don’t want to use alcohol as a carrier, because it is the lightest of all the carrier oils.
  • It leaves skin feeling smooth without that greasy feeling.
  • It’s very cost effective, at this price it is one of least expensive therapeutic quality carrier oils.
  • It is completely soluble with essential oils and compatible with soaps.

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