Argan Botanical Oil


Crude argan botanical oil (as opposed to commercially prepared oil), has a savory aroma similar to roasted peanuts or corn nuts.  The color is rich gold, amber like.

Argan oil  is used for food and culinary use in Morocco, primarily for dipping bread, or pouring over salad or couscous. It has also been used for centuries as a healing oil, for skin, injuries, and many health conditions.

It is pressed from the roasted kernel, which must be unshelled by hand–a time consuming process.  Argan nut is high in protein, and after the oil is pressed from it, the leftover cake makes a high protein feed for livestock.

It is  used topically to alleviate dry and flaky skin, and to treat the scalp for dandruff. It is also used as a treatment for burns, acne scars, and as a nourishing conditioner for hair.  And it is a great skin moisturizer for any cosmetic purpose.


Size:   30 ml violet glass bottle OR  4 oz BPA-free plastic bottle

Source:  Morocco

Production Method:  Cold pressed from roasted kernels of the tree, unrefined–also known as crude argan oil

Botanical name:  Argania spinosa

Shelf life:  Care should be taken with storage, keeping the oil away from light and heat.  The oil should be used within six months to a year.

About Argan Botanical Oil

Goats have a particular affinity for the Argan tree, and you can find photos on the internet of goats climbing the trees to get the fruit for food.

The regular consumption of argan botanical oil is thought to help prevent cancer, obesity, and cardiovascular disease, and research has shown this to be true.

It is a well known cosmetic oil, helpful in the treatment of acne. It is clinically proven to improve skin hydration and elasticity after only 4 weeks of daily use.  In one study, participants saw a visible reduction in course lines and fine wrinkles in the eye area.  About 83% of the study participants showed significant improvement in skin hydration.

It has also been used to relieve pain associated with rheumatism, through topical application.


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4 oz BPA-free plastic bottle, 30 ml violet bottle

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