Vibrational Remedies Healing Ascension Book


Vibrational Remedies Healing Ascension Book Download

Vibrational Remedies for Healing and Ascension book includes sections on how to select and use vibrational remedies, as well as a dowsing or muscle testing chart for selection.

Included is an alphabetical listing of White Sage flower essences, as well as other remedies, including the DiamondHeart flower essences.

There are sections on making your own remedies, as well as information on planetary healing and animal healing with vibrational remedies.

Some recipes are included, along with a section on the four stages of healing.

This book was originally created for use in an aromatherapy course taught by the author.

Also available:  Aromatherapy for Healing and Ascension, and Essential Oils for Healing and Ascension  downloadable books.

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Title:  Vibrational Remedies for Healing and Ascension

Author: Kathryn Sharp.

Size: 69 pages.

Note: Recommended for use in a 1″ deep, 3 ring binder, purchased separately.

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