Jade Cypress Essential Oil


Inhaling jade cypress essential oil can relieve the feeling of mental or emotional overload, from stressful events or too much mental stimulation.   Its smooth balsamic aroma is calming, grounding, and stabilizing to the emotions. It is balancing to the Earth element, and when applied to chakras or pressure points, can relax the mind and restore depleted spleen energy. Emotionally, jade cypress essential oil can help us let go of things when it is time to let go.  On a spiritual journey, everyone comes to a point where it is time to let go of something, in order to progress and move on. Jade cypress applied to the solar plexus or heart area can relieve feelings of loss or clinging to the past, and make it easier to surrender.

Aromatic Profile

 Top note:

Heart Note:   Spicy, woody, balsamic, conifer like notes

Base Note:   Spicy, woody, balsamic, conifer like notes

Classification:  Base note

Tenacity:  Medium high

Jade cypress is one of the natural essential oils that can neutralize EMF energies.  It balances the human electrical system, and increases awareness of electrical energies, planetary grids, and spirit energies connected with the Earth. It is very useful for dowsers and others who communicate with spiritual realms or other dimensions.  It can facilitate connection between worlds and dimensions, and increase communication.

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More About Our Jade Cypress Essential Oil

Size:  5 ml violet glass bottle

Source:  Australia

Distillation:  Steam distilled from leaves of the tree

Botanical name:  Callitris glaucophylla

Note:  Also known as white cypress, emerald cypress, and cypress pine

Homeopathic Properties of Jade Cypress Essential Oil


Internal–oral homeopathic doses, inhalation

External––topical application, massage therapy, local or spinal compress, application to energy centers and meridian points

Observations and Anecdotal Information

Jade cypress essential oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory.  It is very useful for massage, and helps to relieve pain or inflammation in joints, muscles, and from injuries.

It has antibacterial and antiviral properties.  It can be diffused to relieve coughing and respiratory congestion related to flu, colds, or sinusitis.

This oil is helpful for viral attacks such as flu.  It can be applied to the spine and compressed with a hot damp towel to relieve that achey, flu induced body pain.


  • Generally recognized as safe at normal doses.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Store out of the reach of children.
  • All internal uses should be researched or supported by a health care professional.  Quality and dilution rates are critical when using essential oils internally.

None of our products are recognized or approved by the FDA.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  This information is anecdotal, and is provided for educational purposes only.  It is not meant to be taken as medical advice.  See a health care professional for medical advice.

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