Cape Snowbush Essential Oil RARE Aromatic

Cape snowbush essential oil is warming and calming to the emotions.  Inhaling this oil can reduce the effects of stress.  It is particularly helpful for addictive personalities, as it helps one let go of negative thought forms and achieve a clear mind and gentle, positive attitude. It is very balancing for those who feel they have no time to allow themselves for the healing process. It is a fine circulatory tonic, helps to move circulation in legs, abdomen, arms and hands.  It increases energetic circulation and relieves stagnation.

Aromatic Profile

Top Note:  Sweet, herbaceous, green, balsamic notes Heart Note:  Herbaceous, sweet, green, slightly bitter, balsamic notes Base Note:  Balsamic, with delicate floral undertone Classification:  Heart note Tenacity:  Medium Cape snow bush essential oil has been used to enhance flavor of meats and legumes. In natural perfumery, it is used in colognes, chypres, high class florals, and modern new mown hay perfumes. It blends well with cape may mandarin, orange blossom abs, palmarosa, sweet clover abstonka bean abs.

More About Our Cape Snowbush Essential Oil

Size:  5 ml violet glass bottle

Source:  South Africa

Production Method:  Steam distillation

Botannical Name:  Eriocephalus africanus

Note:  From wild harvested foliage and flowers

Homeopathic Properties of Cape Snowbush Essential Oil


Internal–oral homeopathic dosage only, inhalation

External–topical application, massage, application to points and energy centers, bath

Observations and Anecdotal Information

Cape snowbush essential oil comes from a beautiful wild flowering bush that grows on the Western Cape of South Africa.  It is typically used to treat colds, influenza, coughs, children’s colic, as well as diarrhea, and flatulence.

It is also a good hair tonic, improving the appearance of hair, and stimulating the scalp to encourage hair growth.

It is often inhaled to treat insomnia.

Its analgesic effects can be useful during menstruation, and for treating muscular pain.



  • Avoid use during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Store away from children’s reach.
  • Do not expose to eyes.
  • Internal use with caution.  Use at homeopathic doses only.

None of our products are recognized or approved by the FDA.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  This information is anecdotal, and is provided for educational purposes only.  It is not meant to be taken as medical advice.  See a health care professional for medical advice.

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