Amber Attar, Rare Aromatic Extract


About Amber Essential Oil

Amber essential oil is a rare find, primarily used as a natural perfume and base note fixative for blending essential oils and natural perfumes. One of the great mysteries of the aromatic world is amber.   Historically, the term “amber” has been used to refer to both ambergris (an aromatic oil taken from the sperm whale), and amber (the fossilized resin of Pinus succinifera). Amber aromas historically found in the natural perfume world are blends or co-distillations  that imitate ambergris.   According to Steffen Arctander (the man who wrote Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin in 1960, still relevant today), its aroma is “rather subtle, reminiscent of seaweed, wood, moss with a peculiar sweet, yet very dry undertone of unequaled tenacity.” Today’s style of amber aroma is sweeter, balsamic, and more refined, with less focus on earthy mossy tones.

Aromatic Profile

Top note:

Middle note:

Base note:  Soft, sweet, resinous, balsamic “amber” note

Classification:  Base note and fixative

Tenacity:  Extremely high for a natural substance Essential oils and natural substances that are commonly blended to create amber include clary sage, rock rose,  ambrette seed, and several others. This particular amber is a superb candidate for use as a base in essential oil blends; for perfume on its own; or as a base for oriental-floral, oriental, chypre, and balsamic, woodsy, forest perfumes.

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More About Our Amber Attar

Size:  1.5 ml amber glass vial

Source:  India

Production method: Traditional steam distillation in copper degs

Botanical name:  Our Amber attar is a blended co-distillation of Vanilla planifolia, Cistus ladaniferus, and Hibiscus abelmoschus (contains no animal products or chemical fragrances–this is 100% natural and botanical)

Homeopathic Properties of Amber Attar

Because this is a combination of completely natural and artisanal quality vanillaambrette, and rock rose, many of the energetic and healing properties of these three essential oils transfer over into the amber essential oil.  Please refer to the individual essential oils links above for an idea on the healing properties of this blended co-distillation.


Internal— inhalation; diffusion

External–topical application; bath; massage; spinal compress; application to energy centers


  • Generally recognized as sage at normal dosages.

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