Disposable Pipettes


Disposable Pipettes

Disposable pipettes are wonderful blending tools.  These will measure single drops, or up to 5 mls at one time.  Made from a non-reactive plastic, they are flexible and easy to use.

They are great for measuring accurately when blending essential oil blends or natural perfumes.  They work well for essential oils, absolutes, and CO2 extracts with thin to medium viscosity.  Substances with very thick viscosity will not work with these as well.

Though they are designed to be disposable, they can be re-used for measuring the same oil again, if you have a way to keep them isolated, such as in a small ziploc baggie.


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Small polyethylene bulb pipettes, hold up to 5 ml.  They are graduated to measure 1 ml increments.

These are wonderful for accuracy in single drop applications, and for blending small amounts of oils.  They are long and flexible, good for getting the last drop out of tight or very small bottles and vials.

They can be re-used with the same oil over again, in many cases.


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