Unique essential oils 2

Superior Quality & Standards

Our unique essential oils are produced by small artisan distillers. They produce essential oils for the sole purpose of therapeutic use. Many are wild harvested or hand grown on small farms or plantations, with great care.

In 2016, we began to produce a few of our own essential oils. They are grown wild, or in co-creation, using only organic and biodynamic farming practices. We distill in a small copper still, and take great care to hold the highest quality and frequency possible. We hope to bring more of these oils to our online customers in the next few years.

Only the Finest Artisan Quality Essential Oils

We do not offer oils that have been mass produced for the commercial market. In many cases, there is only enough artisan quality essential oil produced to supply a few customers annually. This quality level of essential oil can not be found in corporate health food stores, network marketing companies, or big online retail suppliers. We have long term personal relationships with many of our artisans and small distillers.

Co-Creation Cultivation

Each year, we find that more of our distillers are producing oils in co-creation. This can include using biodynamic and sustainable farming methods, growing organically, harvesting in ceremony, and connecting consciously with the plants for permission and harvest advice.

The methods may differ from one place to another, yet the intentions are the same. These intentions are to honor what is here, create balance for sustainability, and respect what is given by the Earth and the plants. We feel that this intention carries through into the spirit and energy of the essential oil produced.

Highest Frequency Level Possible

In addition, we work with each essential oil as it arrives at White Sage Landing, to restore and maintain the highest frequency level possible. For energy healers, massage therapists, those in a medical profession, and people who simply want the best, this quality level is a requirement for getting superior results.

Special Bottles for Special Oils

massoia essential oilOur essential oils are stored and sold in high frequency Miron violet glass bottles (except for 1.5 ml quantities). To read more about these rare deep violet colored bottles and how they protect aromatic integrity, check this link. Using Miron violet glass, we know our organic products will hold their frequencies, medicinal, and aromatic qualities intact for many years when stored in these amazing bottles.

We feel that we offer some of the finest essential oils on Earth. Although the violet glass costs a little more than common amber glass, the difference is evident immediately when the oils are transferred into it. Within hours, many aromas have improved noticeably from those stored in amber glass. We encourage our customers to experiment with this on their own; the results are quite enlightening.